New Book Release by Angelia Vernon Menchan!

On the off-chance you have not heard of or read author, Angelia Vernon Menchan, let me introduce you to this wife, mother, grandmother, mentor, business owner and friend to hundreds of people who have met her in person or through social media, loved her from a distance. To try to keep count of her books is like counting sand at the beach–well not quite. But you can bet she will publish at least 10 books or more a year! I'm not exaggerating.

Her stories easily become sagas–that's how deep they are and you can bet at some point you'll think that she bugged your living room when she created some of these characters! Her tag is "the fictionalized truth". She was raised, like many of us, by a supermom, but she also had the privilege of being mentored by other strong women in her family. Seasoned women with wisdom she soaked in to the marrow of her bones. I think the essence of which is what we read in each and every story.

If you're looking for something new to read, you couldn't go wrong by delving into the tapestry of the chaotic Cinnamon DuBois Black. Everytime you think you know this character, Angelia finds something else to teach us about her!

Enjoy the recently released Cinnamon Black trilogy and determine if some secrets should be left buried. Center City will never be the same...

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