Dr. Kimberly Jean Revitajuve Wellness PLLC/Gynecologist & Holistic Hormonal Specialist: "Dee has been doing a great job with my social media accounts, scheduling patients, completing and initiating appropriate appointment setting, follow ups, changes, cancellations, and clinic. [Dee] has an impeccable way of communicating with patients and family members that makes them feel comforted. It has been my absolute pleasure working with [Dee]." ​ ​ ​

Staci Reaves

Staci Reaves: Entrepreneur |Business Consultant | CEO & Founder of Envision LLC Learning System: "I have been working with Dee Quarles Virtual Assistant Services for about 6 plus months and she has been amazing to work with. She aims to please and goes beyond and above to provide outstanding. She was the best investment for my business and my sanity. Thank you"

Sheree Scott

Certified Travel Advisor; Sheree Scott, Gold Key Travels: "Dee has been a God-send when it comes to having a personal admin. She is thorough, intuitive, efficient, creative and timely. I love working with her. She has a great personality and will hang in there until YOU are satisfied."

Diana Thompson

Certified Travel Agent, Diana Thompson/Diana's Dream Vacations: "Since working with Denine I have seen my online presence grow dramatically and my followers are much more engaged as evidenced by their likes and comments. Dee took the time to find out exactly what I was looking for, and then took the time to find that content. It is a pleasure working with Denine."


Author Taisha Demay; author of Love Truth & Consequences, Lady Guardians: Black Money, Shape Of My Heart & many more! "I highly recommend a virtual assistant. Dee Niccole VA is awesome."

Julian Smith/Men's Grooming & Skincare

"I cannot express enough of how grateful I am to have come in contact with Dee as my Virtual Personal Assistant. I recently started a personal home based business. I had no idea how to promote my product via Social Media. I was introduced to Dee. She has excellent skills, a vast amount of knowledge, and pays close attention to detail. I would recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking for someone with impeccable skills & a determination for client satisfaction. I am extremely pleased."

Author Leanora Cowan

Leanora Cowan, author of Shifting Into Love, Touch of Heaven, Fated Mate Series, Musical Curves Series, Voluptuously Curvy & Loving It Series, & More... "Dee Niccole VA is amazing and very professional. She goes above and beyond for her clients and I'm honored to be working with her. If you are looking for a great editor, virtual assistant, or just need advice on the literary industry, she is the best person to contact. You definitely won't be disappointed."

USA Today Best Seller, Author Naleighna Kai

USA TODAY Bestselling author, Naleighna Kai, Author of King Of Devon, Love Me For Me, Just One Kiss and more! "Dee VPA Is the ultimate professional. She promoted the Kings of the Castle Series across several platforms, introducing the work of nine authors to an entirely new market. She is both responsive and proactive, and created additional promotional graphics to help us achieve our literary goal. Highly recommended.”

The Roze Loft: Brianna Jacobs; Branding Strategist/ Website Design "Your work is helping a lot!"


Perri Sullivan, author of Flawed Diamond, Webb Of Betrayal & More. "Working with Dee has been a blessing & Godsend. In a time where I was becoming overwhelmed with the balancing dance of writing and marketing, Dee came to me via a social media connection. She works hard to keep my social media presence front & center. Always ready to offer advice and tips to push me past mediocre. Professional is her middle name. I’m grateful to have a virtual assistant who thinks and stays two steps ahead."

Bernice Layton

Bernice Layton, author of Cade's Return, Finding Cade, Jae's Assignment, Crossing The Line, Lies In Disguise, Promises Made. "I'm so glad I found Dee and her service! As a novice, I was unsure what I needed to have, and build a presence on social media. With Dee's expertise, and insight into promotion, I'm happy with the amazing job she does. I would definitely recommend Dee, and her services."

Robyn Sparks Odita; MK Consultant/ Co-Owner Sisters' Salon & Spa/Business Mentor: "Dee and I have been working together for about one month and it has increased the presence of by business on social media by 50%. I received compliments on the professionalism of my posts. I have increased sales and consultations. Denine is creative and thinks outside the box. I would highly recommend her." ​

Tru Vixxn Hair & Co.

LaShonda Spencer; CEO/Founder of Tru Vixxn Hair Co.: "The website is dope! ...Finally a real virtual assistant who actually assist, helps and doesn't hinder. Does what she said she will do when she said she going to do it and actually knows and understands how to build a website. This is not a hobby for her, this is a passion!"

Michele Sims; Author of The Moore Family Saga & Poinsettias For Carly Dee personally ensures everything is done to my specifications as an author to make life easier and to give me more time to write. She's prompt, professional, and she takes care of all my social media needs. She has made suggestions to improve my connections with my readers. She has been a blessing to me.

Sharon Fraser, Eatwell Consulting/ Diabetic Solution Coach. Health & Transformation Coach Student Member PA Assoc Naturopathic Doctors: "Dee is a creative, hard working VA who provides a valuable service. She can be counted on to create and post appropriate material because she takes the time to understand your business and mission."

Author Kianna Alexander/Historical, Contemporary, Multi-Cultured Romance: "Dee is dedicated, professional and concise in her work. Highly recommended."

W Parks Brigham new pic_edited_edited

W. Parks Brigham, author of Love Can Come Softly, For Your Love, This Feels so Good, Golden Years Series, Allanville Matchmaker's Series & More... "Vpa Dee has been a blessing for me in helping to acquire readers. She has patience and wonderful ideas and know how in developing videos for promos to go along with my stories. She is very good at simplifying and capturing the attention of potential readers...reasonable too and will work within your budget."

Rebekah Lynn Pierce; Author; Playwright: Domestic Abuse Survivor "We brought Dee onboard to help with marketing our newest production, That Color Blind Kind of Love. Her dedication and commitment to ensuring that our posts were seen in as many Facebook groups pertaining to our story and business mission was beyond our expectations.She created unique videos to go with the posts and ensured maximum exposure. We will definitely be working with her again on our next project." ​ ​

Mary Kay Director, Halimah Muwakkil: "Thank you so much for the work that you are doing for me and I appreciate your talent and would recommend you to my business contacts. Thank you!"

Angelia Vernon Menchan; Author of The Cinnamon Black Series, CEO of HMM/MAMM Productions & Just Love Ministries: "VPA Dee has handled much of my marketing and management of my website for more than a year. Her assistance and professionalism allows me to focus on the writing and other things. I appreciate all she does such as morning announcements, updating my website and promoting it as if it were her own work. She has been a God send to me and my work and ministry." ​ ​ ​

Author, Toye Lawson-Brown/Multi-Cultured Romantic Suspense: "Working with Vpa Dee has been a positive experience. The service is professional, quick, and produces results. She is quick to respond with questions and explains her services upfront. I've had nothing but a great experience since using Vpa Dee to promote my books. I do recommend her services."

Author Nita Brooks aka Author Synithia Williams

Nita Brooks, Author of Redesigning Happiness, The Essence Of Perfection: "Dee's assistance has allowed me to spend less time stressing about administrative tasks and more time focusing on the creative aspects of writing. She's a great assistant who I highly recommend!"

Waletta Mason Dunn; Author :Positions Of Compromise, More Than Sisters, Faithful Father, Family Dilemma. "I thank God for Dee and her services. She provided excellent promotions for by novels and I've gained new readers in the process. If you need help with promotions, I suggest you contact Dee today. She's the real deal."

Dalia Florea; author of Teardrops Know My Name, Reflections, Mirrored & Whatever Dude! "Dee has been doing an amazing job with my social media promotions. She’s dedicated, hardworking, dependable and thoughtful. Self-promoting can be overwhelming and I feel blessed to be able to count on the professionalism of Dee."

Elissa Smith Patterson

Elissa Smith Patterson; Mary Kay Future Sr. Sales Director: "​I'd like to comment & praise my Virtual Assistant Dee Quarles Vpa for the fabulous and professional job she has done with my Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google + and Twitter accounts. In just one month my business has grown to a level that I am very satisfied with. Her creativity is so amazing. I look forward to working with her in 2017. I would highly recommend her to anyone." ​

Sister's Salon & Spa Owner; Jeanette Sanders: "Dee is doing a phenomenal job promoting my new business venture and with her help it's been one​ less thing to worry about." ​ ​ ​

Author Seven Steps: "I used Your Virtual Personal Assistant for a month for a special project and was very pleased with their services. She was thorough and very friendly."

Abigail Longchamp-Devose; Faces Of Madison Avenue Beauty Salon Owner: "Thank you Dee Quarles Vpa for all your hard work and for my beautiful website. I have to admit as busy and as tired as I am, I didn't think I was at the point where I needed a Virtual Personal Assistant, I thought I could handle it, but the help you give is invaluable and just in the short time we have been working together you have helped me in so many ways. Thank you, thank you thank you!!"

Author Shani Greene-Dowdell; Founder of Imperial Publishing House: "Dee is very knowledgeable about promoting and assisting with marketing authors. She is always willing to step in and assist wherever needed. Using her VPA services has lightened the load for Imperial Publishing House, and we look forward to working with Dee in the future."

Tina Brown

Author;Tina Brown "Hi Dee. I get a smile on my face whenever I see one of your posts. I just wanted to thank you once again for all of the support you provide. You are always so energetic about our projects. Keep doing with you do!" ​ ​

Author, Aja: "Dee is a consummate professional with a knack for working with creative professionals. She's prompt, thorough, and works well within tight deadlines. I'd recommend her services to all my colleagues."

Author; Loretta Walls a.k.a EMBUE "I thoroughly enjoyed the services provided by Dee Quarles. The variety to promote my novels was crafted to expand my audience. Well done! I appreciate your help."

Author, JL Campbell: "With two dozen books under my belt, the promotion side of the writing business has become onerous. Dee has been a great source of help to me with my new book. She is proactive and has great ideas which enhances the material she's been given to work with. She does what she promises to do, so I have no hesitation in recommending her services." ​

Author; KR Bankston "Your work is EXCEPTIONAL! I cannot tell you how stress free I've been not having to even look at my other pages/sites if I don't feel like it." ​

Theresa Spencer; Paparazzi Jewelry Director: "I have a full time job and needed help with promoting my business. Dee has help take my business to a new level. Thanks for all of your hard work." ​

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